1. Go ahead and simply try it out

Thinking about doing yoga but haven’t found the right time, the right clothes, the right mat, the right place, the right teacher…? A wise man said that showing up is half the battle. So, put on whatever comfortable clothes you have at home that allow you to move freely, contact us to help you with the choice of class that is right for you and simply show up. The first class is on us. If you like it, you can pay your monthly membership and show up again and again and again… And guess what? After a while, you won’t be a yoga beginner.

2. Follow the teacher, but listen to your body

Follow the steps given by your teacher, who will explain how to move into the pose, hold it and move out of the pose. She will also tell you what to focus on and help you with small modifications if needed. The most important part is to listen to your body. Each day is different. Do as much as you feel comfortable doing. Breathe as you move. Slow down or pause if you are short of breath. Rest and refocus. Be in the moment. It’s as simple as that.

3. Breathe

Yoga is physical and mental exercise. The building blocks of yoga are your breath and yoga asanas – poses that you will learn during our studio classes. Enjoy the simple pleasure of breathing in and out; of letting go of everything you don’t need and taking in the silence, the stillness and the sweetness of the present, here and now. Inhale, exhale. Carry that peace with you from the class into the rest of the day.



4. Look inwards

There will probably be at least someone there in the studio with you who’s been doing yoga for quite some time and looking fabulous doing it. Don’t compare. You’re not here to compete with yourself or with anyone else. Yoga isn’t about doing more. It’s about being, feeling and listening to yourself – your body and mind. Just be in the moment. And do as much as you feel comfortable doing. There are no spectators or referees. There is just you. Yoga helps you reconnect with yourself and rediscover who you are.

5. Enjoy

As strange as it might sound, one of the most important parts of being a yogi is having a sense of humor. Keep that smile on your face. Yes, you’ll have to struggle to navigate yourself into the poses and breathe properly while doing it. But there is no need to take yourself or yoga too seriously. Be gentle to yourself. Be grateful. You’re doing great! Even if you don’t feel successful in doing a single asana during the class, you’ll rock the last and the most important one – Savasana. Savasana or “Corpse pose” includes lying flat on the floor on your back, resting and relaxing your whole body for five or more minutes. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

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