Mindfulness Practices

To simply be in the present moment, fully aware of where we are, how we are feeling and what we are doing, while staying calm and non-judgemental, is to be mindful. It is our basic human ability that we all naturally possess. However, our brain needs a bit of daily training to make mindfulness available to us whenever we need it. This is where mindfulness meditation comes in handy.

Discover your full potential

Center in the present moment to live with awareness and freedom.

Class duration

Anything from 20min to a full lentght workshop, depending on your wishes.


Learn techniques that are easy to incorporate into your everyday life and workspace.


Prices depend on group sizes. Contact us for more details.


If you have practiced meditation, you’ve probably had that moment trying hard not to be distracted by the outside sensations or the “monkey mind” always coming up with new thoughts and ideas. Mindfulness meditation does not render our mind absolutely free of any thoughts. However, it takes us on a journey of exploring the workings of our mind.

We learn to be fully aware of our sensations, emotions and thoughts. And we do this without judging, avoiding or attaching ourselves to any situation. In this way we train our brain to let go of all the negative and unnecessary patterns and habits, and to live in the present moment with complete love and kindness to ourselves and others.

Mindfulness has enjoyed an extraordinary surge in popularity in western countries in the past couple of decades. It moved from an unknown two thousand years old Buddhist concept to a well-researched stress-reduction practice used by many corporations, universities, hospitals, etc.

Research studies show that mindfulness improves emotion regulation, increases immune function, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, increases clarity in thinking and perception, enhances ability to deal with illness and life-threatening events, decreases depressive symptoms and much more.

You can learn more about the advantages of integrating mindfulness in your everyday lives, workplace, schools and more in this Harvard article here.

With so many astounding outcomes of practicing mindfulness, and more being discovered each day, why not give mindfulness a try?

Feel free to contact us, we will design the mindfulness meditation classes based on your needs and wishes.



Rhubin and Dalia have been running the We DU Yoga studio and teaching yoga since 2010.
Since then they have helped hundreds of individuals and a large number of companies to find a way back to a more happy and fulfilled life or corporate culture, through the practice of breathing, yoga, mindfulness and meditation.



With carefully picked yoga team activities we help boost self-awareness, team spirit and bring happiness into your employees lives. It’s a win win situation for you, because happy people make for high performing employees. Our Dubrovnik yoga team will design a custom made program while taking into consideration your long-term goals, group’s size, previous yoga experience and location. 



 You’re a travel adviser or an agency planning itineraries with a special twist. Or you’re running a luxury villa and want to create a truly relaxing holiday for your guests. Are you looking for an experienced yoga teacher and retreat leader for a holiday or retreat in Croatia? Passionate yogis @We DU Yoga have vast experience as personal yoga teachers, highly trained crew members aboard yachts, teachers at yoga retreats and holidays, etc. We are a partner for yoga events organisation in Dubrovnik and it’s surroundings that you can really rely on.



Peter Hess® Sound Massage is a scientifically recognised method focused on deep relaxation and maintaining one’s well-being. With the use of sound and vibrations a sound massage will ease tensions, reinforce self-healing capabilities and provide support for your overall health. Sound massage is performed in one on one sessions while sound baths can be organised for groups and are therefore an exceptional addition to your corporate event or group holiday. Whichever you choose to experience it will surely be an out of this world experience.

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