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Everyone is a yogi and yoga is for everyone! You’ve probably read this more than once, and we full-heartedly believe it’s true; this simple sentence describes everything we at We DU Yoga stand for. Our mission is to teach yoga in a way that is safe, inclusive, and accessible to everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or a senior, man or woman. You can be a complete beginner or practicing yoga all of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been working out since your high school gym classes. You can be inflexible or hyper-flexible, strong or fragile, struggling to lose weight or gain a few kilos. Respecting your individuality and unique traits is at the heart of what we do.


The story of We DU Yoga started in 2010 when two sisters Dalia and Rhubin, who had separate careers in arts and movie productions, with absolutely no thoughts of becoming yoga teachers, ended up together on a teacher training in India. As Rhubin put it: “our mom talked us into it and after a while, we got hooked”.

They continued working on their yoga practice and did several other teacher training around the world dreaming about the day they will open their own yoga studio. However, since both of them had “normal” jobs, it took some time for their vision of the yoga studio to take form.

In 2015 they organized the first yoga retreat in Dubrovnik and found the perfect home for We DU Yoga studio, where it still stands today.



We DU Yoga Owner | Yoga Teacher | Sound Therapist at Sense

RYT 500

Rhubin pours her artistic energy onto the mat and into sequences that help her center and draw from an inner well of inspiration that lead to creations in the field of illustration, photography, fashion and other arts. In her classes she works towards achieving the same effect within the group, helping people tap into their creative powers…

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We DU Yoga Owner | Yoga Teacher | Web & Graphic Designer at Apropo

RYT 500

Dalia is an open minded, warm hearted yogi who looks at the student and tailors the teaching to his possibilities and needs, finding ways to integrate yoga into their everyday life, and helping them keep the passion and joy of practice, appreciating whenever one finds the time and peace to spend on the mat…

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Yoga Teacher

RYT 200

With a carrier of 20 years as a swimming coach Gordana brings a unique experience into her yoga classes. She is receptive to the differences in each body and able to communicate in a warm, supportive and motivating way with her groups. Everyone feels included and taken care of.

Gordana completed her teacher training back in 2010, in the Sivananda Ashram in Tyrol, Austria. This school thought her the approach to yoga she shares in her classes today. She has experimented with different styles but always comes back to the practice of Sivananda yoga. From her own experience she knows it is a method that keeps you happy, satisfied and healthy.


Yoga Teacher

RYT 500

Andrej’s journey began in 2013 when life accidentally introduced him to Dharma yoga classes. He started a daily practice that ignited a lot of positive changes in his life and relationships. He felt his yoga practice will be a lifetime companion hence a logical step was deepening his knowledge and attending a teacher training course. In 2015 he enrolled an RYT 200 hr teacher training course in Divya yoga school in Zagreb under the guidance of Sandra D. Bianco, Petra Pintarić (Dharma Yoga) and Petra Carmichael (Ashtanga yoga). In 2017 he continued his education on the 500hr TTC under the guidance of Sandra D. Bianco and Petra Pintarić.


Communication & Client Relations

The lady behind all the messages, replies, and quick answers to your questions is Ljubica, the member our team could not do without. 

You won’t have a chance to meet her teaching yoga, but she knows everything you can think of about our events, memberships, classes, etc., and is always happy to help with your queries. Ljubica has a Masters’s in Public Relations and a career in Client relations for a successful boutique marketing agency Apropo.

She handles the communication with our clients and members with a lot of joy and thus is able to reflect through it just how important you all are to us at We DU Yoga.



Image an entire Dubrovnik yoga session designed around your personal interests, concerns, or goals. With our one-on-one lessons, you get to practice yoga on your schedule, at the pace that’s right for you, in the comfort of your preferred space. If you would like to spend some quality time with your family or friends in a fun, relaxing, and meaningful way, check out our small group sessions.



You’re running a luxury villa and want to create a truly relaxing and unique holiday for your guests. Or you’re looking for an experienced yoga teacher and retreat leader for your holiday or retreat in Croatia? Passionate yogis @We DU Yoga have vast experience as personal yoga teachers, highly trained crew members aboard yachts, teachers at yoga retreats and holidays, etc. Moreover, we offer support in yoga events organisations in Dubrovnik and its surroundings.



With carefully picked yoga team activities we help boost self-awareness, team spirit and bring happiness into your employes lives. It’s a win-win situation for you because happy people make for high performing employees. Our Dubrovnik yoga team will design a custom made program while taking into consideration your long-term goals, group’s size, previous yoga experience and location.

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